Lucky Boy

Friday, August 18, 2006


My baby will only arrive in mar next year. This cute little boy is my nephew. He's really lovable.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Golf's Good, Nokia's Not

I've passed my golf proficiency test this morning. Felt so good to perspire after lazing around for so long. Been a while since I did any exercise. Now itching to play more golf.

My wife is back at work after a week of rest at home. The morning sickness is not getting any better. Let's hope that the situation will really improve after 12 weeks. This is the 9th weeks and counting down 3 more weeks of torture for her.

The last weekend was great except for the bad experience at the Nokia Service Centre. My new Nokia 6280 was down and I can't even transfer the telephone numbers from the phone into my SIM card. It irks me, but there's nothing that Nokia could do. I'm left with no choice but to lose all my numbers in the phone. I'll rather than happen than to copy the numbers one by one manually. Furthermore, I waited for about 4 hours before I get to send my phone in. What a waste of my precious weekend. It was a busy Sunday and Nokia only has at most 2 counters serving customers. The experience was horrible. Me now looking to change my handphone to a non-Nokia brand.

On my posting to the Ministry for a secondment, there are further developments. Apparently, I heard from the grapevine that I may not need to be posted to the Ministry anymore. So much for the credibility of the grapevine. Now I can understand why the earlier decision for the posting was not communicated to me. I suppose changes are made by the minutes. I wonder if this organisation believes in the saying, "if you fail to plan, you plan to fail". Maybe not!

I am adaptable to changes, but I hate uncertainty. This sounds like a paradox, isn't it?

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

First day of August

It's the first day of the month and about seven weeks into my wife's pregnancy. Her morning sickness is not getting any better. I had to apply for urgent leave yesterday because she's not well. I'm not exactly complaining since the rest was good for me too. Spent the entire day at home watching VCDs.

Although I heard that the posting is effective 15 Aug (2 weeks from now), there is still no news of my posting to the Ministry yet. The rumours is slowly becoming facts soon. I'm feeling apprehensive about the secondment to the Ministry not so much on the posting itself, but because it's not even clear what I'll be asked to do there. I welcome changes, but it should be properly managed. I ought to be informed about what I'm going to do in my new work in Ministry. At the very least, I should be told which area in Ministry I'll be posted to.

I wonder if my new boss in Ministry will be as understanding as my current boss since my pregnant wife is likely to take up more of my energy and time from my work. Well, the only thing I'm going to miss about leaving PUB for the secondment will be my boss and colleagues here. I guess I'll give it more thoughts when the hearsay is confirmed.

Friday, July 28, 2006

More changes expected

It's Friday and a favourite day of the week for many others. Just met my Director in the elevator this morning and he asked me whether I'm ready for 15 Aug. I gave him a puzzling look and thought I could have missed some important emails about this special date. Well, it then dawned on me that I could possibly be posted to my Ministry for a stint there. Not sure if it's good or bad news. Many of our staff posted to Ministry seems to be complaining about it, but is it really that bad afterall?

I believe that changes in our environment and work could help to develop me as a person. At least you are given the opportunity to expose to new areas of work and learn new things. What's been bothering me lately is in seeking clarity of what I want as an eventual career. Been looking for a suitable postgraduate studies to embark on and the process helps to trigger some thinking about my future career. Having graduated with a computer science degree and worked three years in the IT dept, I was then involved in public relations work for one and half years. Am now working for a good boss learning about organisational development. How does all these rotating in job scope benefit me? Seems like I am becoming more a generalists rather a specialist. But, the medical specialists are paid a lot more than the General Practitioners (GP doctors).

Let's just wait for the formal notice of posting. Meanwhile, it's better to think what to do this weekend. Cheers to Changes!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Joy or Stress

The surprise and the joy came last Monday. It came when me and my wife least expected it. Well, we did plan to have a baby, but not when I was out most of the time watching World Cup last month. It probably one of the quickies we had before I went out to watch the games.

Here's the results that were taken at the Gynae and we confirmed it again on the same night.

The excitment seems to be wearing off a little after just one week. Having to do more housework and running all over the place to get what she wants is not easy it seems. More so if you have to listen to her complains about perpetual tummy aches and hunger pangs.

Things were different when we visited the gynae this morning. We wanted to be sure that the pregancy is okay since her tummy is constantly uncomfortable and aching. A scan was done and the doctor confirmed that all is well. It's so amazing to see and hear the baby heart beating. Suddenly, I felt a sense of euphoria. A new life is created in my wife's tummy. Such a great joy!

The doctor said that the baby is likely to be due on 16 Mar 07. That;s a long way more to endure. Hopefully the journey that the baby take in his or her mummy's womb is a safe one and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the baby and mother will be kind to me. Joy or stress? It's still early to tell.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Happiness or Unhappiness

After going through several focus group discussions with my company staff , it dawned on me that people are seldom happy. It could be that something is really not right about their working environment and culture or maybe it's just their boss. I've changed 3 bosses in my 7 years here and they are all good bosses in their own way. Afterall, nobody is perfect.

Maybe the people who are not happy with the way things are do not really know what they want. Even if the company go the way that they wish, it may create a chain of other dislikes that they can bitch about. Well, life is just like dat... (This may sound like a familiar quote for those in my Division.)

I suddenly have this impetus to create a new blog because there is going to be a drastic change in my life. Well, the change may have already started this week when I heard the news of my wife pregnant. Just feel that documenting my thoughts and feelings as I embark on this new journey of my life.

The recommended actions of our employees' climate survey has been drafted, but it will certainly take a while for the entire wishlist to be realised, that is if it does happen. Probably it's the sceptic nature in me. Let's see if there are other employees who will start to bitch about the recommended actions when it's implemented. I can bet my job that there will be!